Federal Employees Benevolent and Group Insurance Funds

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Introduction of Benevolent and Group Insurance Funds scheme, state period ?

It was introduced on 04th April, 1969.

What is purpose of the scheme of Benevolent & Group Insurance Fund?

Purpose of the scheme is to provide benevolent grant, other benefits and Group Insurance to the employees of the Federal Government and specified autonomous bodies.

Where should the family of an employee contact to get benefits?

The family should contact office of the deceased/invalid employee. In order to sanction the benefits, there are three Regional offices. These Regional Offices sanction the benevolent grant and sum assured to the families of those employees whose last posting at the time of death/invalidation/retirement falls in their jurisdiction. Address of the Regional Offices and their jurisdiction is as under:-

Sr.No (1)

Address of Regional Office(2)

(Employee last posting station)(3)


Regional Board, BF Building Zero Point, Islamabad
Phone # 051-9252316
Fax # 051-9252363/p>

Islamabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern Areas, FATA, Azad Kashmir, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Attock & Jhelum Distts


Regional Board, Al-amera Center Opposite Passport Office, Saddar Karachi, Phone # 021-99202327 Fax # 021-99206361

Sindh and Baluchistan


Regional Board, Bank Square Al-Jannat Building, Neela Gumbad, Lahore #Phone # 042-99211402 Fax # 042-99211403

Punjab except Rawalpindi, Chakwal Attock & Jhelum Distts.


How many employees are covered by the schemes of Benevolent and Group Insurance Funds?

At present the FEB & GIF is covering more than 582,556 employees.

How many families have been provided benefits so far?

The FEB & GIF has so far paid to more than 229,369 families.

What is current state of beneficiaries receiving the monthly benevolent grant?

At present, 70,760 beneficiaries are receiving the grant of Benevolent Fund.

State yearly amount of Sum Assured being disbursed to the beneficiaries from Group Insurance scheme?

More than Rs.582 million per annum is being disbursed to the bereaved family members of the deceased employees.

How much amount of burial charges is being paid per annum to the family members of the deceased employees?

More than Rs.17 million per annum as burial charges is being disbursed to the beneficiaries.

State the amount of Marriage Grant being paid to the beneficiaries per annum?

Rs.7 million per annum is being paid to the beneficiaries as Marriage Grant.

How much amount of benevolent grant is being disbursed to the beneficiaries per annum?

Presently, more than Rs.890 million per annum is being paid to the beneficiaries.

Does the FEB & GIF covers the employees working in Federal Government departments only?

No. In addition to the Federal Government employees the FEB & GIF also covers employees working in Federal autonomous organizations after approval by the Federal Government for the purpose.

What is the amount so far disbursed to the families of Federal Government Employees?

The FEB & GIF had disbursed more that Rs. 13,875 million since its inception in April 1969 to June 2011.

Whether the rates of contributions/benefits are based on any technical study of the Funds or decided "as rule of thumb"?

The contribution/benefit structure is based on Actuarial Evaluation of the Funds. Evaluation of the Funds has so far been made five times.

Whether employees of provincial governments are also covered by the Federal Employees Benevolent Fund schemes?

No. Provincial employee are no covered under the schemes of Federal Employees Benevolent Fund & Group Insurance. Each province has its own benevolent fund scheme.

Whether contribution and benevolent grant rates of provincial governments and the Federal government are the same?

No. The rates of Provincial benevolent Funds and the Federal Employees Benevolent Fund are different. The rate of contribution of Federal Employees Benevolent Fund is 2% of pay (maximum Rs. 195) while in the Punjab it is 3% of pay with no maximum limit.

The FEB & GIF should refund the amount, to the employee on retirement, which he has contributed during his service Comments?

Presently, an employee contributes @ 2% of pay (maximum Rs. 195) and in case of death/invalidation, benevolent grant @ 40% of pay + plus Rs.100/= is sanctioned for life. This high payment is only possible because majority of the employees contribute for the welfare of families of their fellow employees who died/incapacitated. If the amount contributed by an employee is refunded to him, it would become a scheme of G.P. Fund and there would be no source to pay benevolent grant at higher rates to bereaved families. This is the theme of a benevolent fund scheme.

The Punjab employees Benevolent Fund pays farewell grant on retirement. Is there any such scheme in the Federal government?

The Punjab government pays one month farewell grant to officers only. In Federal government, the FEB & GIF is paying Farewell Grant it to all the employees irrespective of scale of pay w.e.f., 01.01.2006.

Whether any scholarship is paid by the Benevolent Fund?

No. At present stipend are paid out of the Group Insurance Fund. See detail under benefits.

Who controls the investment of FEB & GIF?

An investment committee appointed detailed by the Board of Trustee.

Is the income of Funds invested with Government sponsored scheme only or otherwise?

Mainly with State Bank of Pakistan cleared investment Government schemes.

Why did FEB & GIF withdraw coverage with State Life Insurance Corporation & Postal Insurance?

We faced a lot of problems with Insurance Companies likewise inefficient handling of Group Insurance cases and higher rate of premium.

How do you compare the FEB & GIF with Pakistan Army scheme?

Pakistan Army has most efficient scheme covering mainly the officers.

What is the reserved portfolio recommended by the Actuary?

3- 5 years of reserve as advised by the Actuary.

Who represents the Board of Trustees?

Establishment Division (Chairman)
Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Law, A.G.P.R., Ministry of Labour & Manpower. Ministry of Women Development.

Investment Committee, members & experience?

3 ex- senior finance related officers.

Frequency of Investment Committee meeting?

On as required basis, in last 2 years we had 22 meetings.

What are the percentages of work load of staff?

Islamabad Regional Office - 56%
Lahore Regional Office - 20%
Karachi Regional Office - 24%

What is staff strength in the FEB & GIF?

122 Officers & Staff

Litigation cases if any in last 2 years?

Court Cases = 18
Wafaqi Mohtasib = 300

Any working pressure by politician?

Yes, on officers postings as well as regarding discipline cases of officers/staff.

Any corruption cases?


Why re-imbursement of semester/annual fee has been capped to maximum of Rs. 100,000/annum?

Payment of educational stipend and re-imbursement is not included in the basic charter of FEB & GIF. The Board of Trustees continually reviews its existing schemes for enhancement or introduction of new schemes keeping in view the financial position of the funds. However, since last many years disbursements made against eight (08) welfare schemes have exceeded the contribution received. Therefore, Board of Trustees in its 97th meeting decided to cap the re-imbursement of fee up to maximum of Rs. 100,000/ annum from academic year 2015-16.

What is the claims processing time till issuance of cheque?

Complete cases are sanctioned within 45 days time.

What is the effective date of removal of condition of death of an employee before attaining the age of 70 years for payment of death grants?

The condition of death before attaining age of 70 years has been removed for those employees who retired on or after 01.12.2003 and died on or after 28.07.2015.

Whether re-imbursement of fee is also being made to students of private universities / colleges / institutes?

Re-imbursement of fee is made to the children of Federal Government employees  studying on merit and not on self finance basis in public sector universities / colleges / institutes recognized by HEC only.

Is there any plan to increase marriage grant from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000?

Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan has recently approved extension in rates of marriage grant from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 only for one orphan daughter of a retired Government employee who dies after retirement. In this regard, necessary amendment in the FEB & GIF Rules, 1972 is underway.

Is there any plan to further increase rates of monthly benevolent grant for beneficiaries receiving benevolent grant prior to 1.9.2012 (date of last revision in rates of benevolent grant)?

The grants of beneficiaries prior to 01.09.2012 have already been enhanced @ 40%. However, currently, due to heavy disbursements made against eight (08) welfare schemes, we are facing financial constraints. Due to this, no such proposal is under consideration for further increase.

Can lump sum grant be given to the employees who retired on medical grounds with less than 80% disability?

Under Rule 23 of the FEB & GIF Rules-1972 Lump Sum grant is paid to an employee who is declared invalid with 80% disability by Central Medical Board and for that reason retires from the service.

Who will pay benefits under Prime Minister’s death assistance package?
Under the Prime Minister’s Package, FEB & GIF will pay Additional Monthly Benevolent grant and Special Lump Sum Grant to the families of those employees who die during service in a security related incident. In this regard, necessary amendment in FEBF & GI Act-1969 is underway. Other benefits are payable by concerned organizations / departments.
Whether educational stipend and marriage grant etc. are paid to gazette employees only?

No. The grants against the eight (08) welfare schemes of FEB & GIF are extended / paid to both gazetted and non-gazetted employees, irrespective of their grades.

Whether educational stipends are paid to the children of employees on scoring 60% marks?

Educational Stipends under Category-I i.e. for intermediate level studies only, are paid to the children of employees in BPS- 1 to 10 on scoring 60% marks. However, for other three categories of educational stipend 70% marks are required.

Whether all professional subjects / degree programmesare covered under Category-IV of educational stipend?

No. Under Category-IV of educational stipend, this benefit is extended to those children of Federal employees who are studying in private/public sector universities / colleges / institutes recognized by Higher Education Commission in following area of studies:Medical (MBBS, BDS)

    • Engineering
    • IT
    • Business Studies
    • Architecture
    • DPharmacy